Psychotherapy Sessions

50 minutes - $160

25 minutes - $90

(See Packages section for discounts) 


Neurofeedback Sessions

20 session package - $130 per session

($160 per session if purchased individually)

Quantiative EEG (Brain Mapping) - $1200


I do not take insurance at this time. Some insurance companies have out-of-network benefits. This means that you could potentially be reimbursed a portion of the fee by the insurance company if they pay for out-of-network care.



Premarital Package: Six 80-minute sessions for $1000
Giving a couple a $1000 china set is a beautiful gesture, but will not likely do much to solidify their relationship. With the premarital package, the couple attends six 80-minute sessions in which we go over communication, finances, sexuality, fighting well and many other topics. Although it is best if we can start these sessions at least 12 months before the big day, the sessions do not have to be completed by the wedding day. This can also be given as a wedding gift and started after the honeymoon!

Financial Therapy Package - Four 80-minute sessions for $700

The Financial Therapy Package is designed to address your concerns with finances, either within your relationship or as an individual. The structure of these sessions will be to review spending trends, discuss financial aspirations, set goals, test implementation of budgeting, and address how to avoid pitfalls on the path to your financial health. This is for premarital couples as well as partners who are in a commited relationship. This also can be helpful for single persons looking to improve their relationship with money as well.

Neurofeedback Package - Twenty Sessions

The neurofeedback package is designed to help offset the costs of the nuerofeedback sessions. These sessions regularly cost $160 a session, but if purchased in 20-session segments, the price goes down to $130 a session. This is also meant to encourage people to attend all of their neurofeedback sessions, as symptom relief often occurs before new neural firing patterns have been fully memorized. If treatment ends prematurely, symptoms may return. I like to use the analogy of need to finish the whole pack even once symptoms are gone in order to completely kill the bacteria; for neurofeedback, you need to completely memorize the pattern in order for neuroplastic effects to hold. Most clinical issues are resolved in 40 sessions

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